Review: Calvin Klein Women’s Peacoat – Petite, Standard, & Plus Sizes

If you’re ⁣on the hunt for the perfect winter coat ⁣that offers both style​ and functionality, look‌ no further than the Calvin Klein Women’s Double ​Breasted​ Peacoat. Available in Petite, Standard,⁢ and Plus‌ sizes, this classic outerwear⁤ piece is sure to become ⁤a staple in your cold-weather wardrobe. ‌We recently had the pleasure of ⁣trying out this ⁢timeless​ peacoat, and we’re excited to share our thoughts with you. From the fit to the quality, stay tuned as we dive into our review of the Calvin Klein ​Women’s Double Breasted Peacoat.

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When ​it comes to stylish outerwear, this Calvin Klein Women’s Double ‍Breasted Peacoat is a must-have in any wardrobe. The peacoat is available in⁢ three different ‍size options: Petite, Standard, ⁤and Plus, ensuring a perfect ⁤fit for every body type.​ The elegant double-breasted ⁢design ⁣adds a touch of sophistication to ‍any outfit, whether you’re dressing up for a night out‍ or just running‍ errands.

The package ⁢dimensions of⁣ this ‍peacoat are‍ 14.41 x‍ 11.97 x 6.73 inches, and it weighs around 9 ounces, making it lightweight and easy to​ wear all day. The ​item model number is CW583002, and it falls ⁢under the women’s department. This timeless piece was first made available on June 8, 2020, by Calvin Klein. To ‌get your hands on this versatile peacoat, check it out on Amazon‍ by clicking here.

Gorgeous Design​ and Fit

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The ‌design of this peacoat is absolutely stunning. The double-breasted style adds‍ a touch of‍ sophistication, while the tailored fit enhances the overall look. The attention to detail in the cut and stitching really sets this coat apart, making ‍it a standout piece in my wardrobe.

I love how versatile this ‍peacoat is in terms of fit. Whether you are petite, ​standard, or plus size, there is a ⁣perfect option for​ you. The quality of the materials used is evident ⁢in how well the coat drapes ⁢and sits on the body. ‌Plus, the fact that it comes in various sizes means that every woman can enjoy the stylish look‍ and feel of this Calvin Klein peacoat. Don’t miss out on adding this timeless piece to your ⁤collection! Check it out here!

Cozy​ and Warm​ Material

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When it ‌comes to staying warm and cozy during the chilly seasons, this peacoat truly delivers. The material is not only soft to the touch but also provides exceptional warmth, making it a staple piece for any wardrobe. The double breasted design ‌adds a touch of sophistication, while the petite, standard, and plus sizes ensure a perfect​ fit ⁢for every body type.

With ‌package dimensions of 14.41 x 11.97 x ⁣6.73 inches⁣ and a weight of only 9 ounces, this ‌peacoat ​is lightweight and easy to wear all day long. The Calvin Klein Women’s Double Breasted Peacoat is a versatile piece that can ​be dressed ⁤up ‌or down ​for any occasion. Whether you’re running errands ⁤or heading out for a night on⁣ the town,‍ this‌ stylish coat has ⁤got you covered. Get yours today and experience the ultimate blend of ‍comfort and style! Check ‍it out here!

Personalized⁤ Recommendations

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When ⁣it comes to for a timeless and ⁣chic winter staple, we ​can’t help but rave about our recent find. This Calvin Klein peacoat is a must-have⁢ for women of all sizes – from​ petite to plus. The double-breasted design and classic silhouette make it a versatile piece⁤ that can be dressed up‍ or down effortlessly.

With package dimensions of 14.41 x ‌11.97 x 6.73 inches and a weight of only 9 ounces, this ⁣peacoat is not only stylish but also ​practical.​ The item model number CW583002 ensures quality, and the department for women guarantees a ‍flattering ⁤fit. If you’re ‌looking for ⁤a coat that will keep you warm while looking⁤ chic, look no further than this Calvin Klein‍ peacoat. Don’t⁤ miss out on updating your winter wardrobe ‌- check ‍it out on Amazon now! Shop now!

Customer Reviews Analysis

Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing⁤ the customer reviews for the‌ Calvin Klein Women’s Peacoat in Petite, Standard, and Plus⁢ sizes, we⁤ have summarized the feedback below:

Review Rating
1. Classic, well-made peacoat in‍ navy blue 5 stars
2. Perfect ⁤fit⁣ in Sonic color, great for fall 5 stars
3. Comfortable fit,​ great ⁣for longer torso 5 stars
4. Disappointed with used condition 1 star
5. Beautiful construction, awkward fit 3 stars
6. Sleeves a little long but good for winter 4 stars
7. Perfect fit, great for late fall 5 stars
8. Decent quality for​ the price, room for layering 4 stars
9. Unexpected color but good quality 4 stars
10. Lovely quality,​ great fit, minor button issue 4 stars
11. Discrepancy in product⁢ received, kept due to timing 3 stars

Overall, customers were pleased with the quality and fit of the Calvin ​Klein Women’s ‍Peacoat, ‍with most reviews highlighting ​the ⁣comfort, construction, and‍ style of the⁣ coat. While some minor issues were mentioned, such as sizing discrepancies and button alignment, the majority of customers found the peacoat ​to be a⁣ great purchase for the fall ⁣and winter seasons.

Pros⁢ & ⁣Cons

Pros & Cons:


1 Stylish design
2 Available​ in petite, standard, and plus sizes
3 Double breasted for added warmth
4 High-quality material


1 May run small, especially in petite sizes
2 Buttons may⁣ be difficult to fasten
3 Limited color options

Overall, the Calvin ⁣Klein Women’s Double Breasted Peacoat‍ is a stylish and versatile option for women of ⁣all sizes. While ‍it may have some minor drawbacks, ⁤such⁣ as sizing ‍issues and ⁤button difficulties, the high quality and design ⁣of the coat make it ‌a great addition ⁤to any wardrobe.


Q: Can you provide more details on‍ the sizing options ‌available for the Calvin Klein Women’s Peacoat?

A: Of course! This beautiful peacoat comes in three sizing options – Petite, Standard, and Plus sizes. The Petite size is perfect for our more ⁣vertically challenged ladies, the Standard ‌size caters to our average-sized gals, and the Plus‍ size ⁣offers a comfortable and flattering fit ⁢for those who need a little extra room. No matter your size, there’s a Calvin Klein peacoat just for you!

Q: Is this peacoat suitable for colder weather?

A: Absolutely! The ⁤Calvin Klein Women’s Peacoat is crafted ⁣from ‍high-quality materials to keep you warm and cozy during those chilly days. The double-breasted ⁢design and‍ notched lapel collar add an extra layer of protection against the​ cold, making this peacoat a stylish and functional choice​ for the winter season.

Q: Does this peacoat come in different color options?

A: While the Calvin Klein Women’s Peacoat is available‍ in⁤ a classic black color, it’s a timeless and ‍versatile choice that⁤ pairs well with any ​outfit. Whether you’re dressing‍ it up⁣ for a night out or wearing it casually with jeans, ⁢this peacoat is sure to elevate your look.

Q: How is the quality ⁤of this peacoat compared to other brands?

A: Calvin Klein is known for⁢ its high-quality and stylish designs, and⁣ this Women’s​ Peacoat​ is no exception. The attention​ to detail ⁣in the construction and the durable ⁣materials used⁢ ensure that this peacoat will last you for seasons to come. Trust⁤ us, you won’t ‍be disappointed with the ⁤quality of this Calvin Klein essential.

Q: Is this peacoat easy to care for?

A: Yes, caring for the Calvin Klein Women’s Peacoat is a ​breeze. Simply follow‌ the care instructions provided by the⁣ manufacturer⁢ to keep​ your peacoat looking⁢ its best. With​ proper care, you’ll be able to enjoy this timeless piece ⁤for⁣ years to come.

Ignite Your Passion

In conclusion, the Calvin Klein Women’s Peacoat⁢ in Petite, Standard, & Plus Sizes is a versatile and timeless​ piece that is sure ⁣to enhance any winter wardrobe. ‌With its classic double-breasted design and high-quality materials, this peacoat offers​ both style ⁢and ‌functionality. Whether⁢ you’re petite, standard, or plus-sized, there’s a perfect fit for you.

If you’re looking to stay warm and stylish⁤ this season, we highly recommend checking out the Calvin Klein Women’s Peacoat. Click here to get your hands on this must-have outerwear​ staple: Calvin‍ Klein Women’s Double Breasted‌ Peacoat

Stay cozy and chic, no matter the weather!

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