Workers rescue dying dog with rare ‘stone skin’ illness

The world is full of countless animals who are sick, suffering, and in desperate need of a little bit of help. Thankfully, there are also many wonderful organizations dedicated to rescuing them, and they know that even a little bit of love can make a big difference in animal’s life.

That’s why, when workers from Animal Aid Unlimited, India found a dog living in the back of an abandoned van and suffering from severe mange, they knew they had to do whatever they could to help her.

Workers from the Indian branch of Animal Aid Unlimited found a stray, sick dog suffering in the back of an abandoned vehicle. She was barely moving and flies were all around her scabbed body.


The dog, whom they later named Alice, was suffering from advanced sarcoptic mange, which caused her fur to fall out and her skin to scab over in crusty, stone-like patches, some of which were cracked and bleeding.


At first, Alice ignored her rescuers, but once they offered her some food, the poor malnourished dog couldn’t help but pay them some attention.


However, Alice growled and snapped at the workers when they tried to cover her up and carry her out of the vehicle. Ultimately, she was too weak to really resist and they brought her to their facility.


At the shelter, she was very frightened and did her best to ignore the workers as they applied medicated ointments to her skin, gave her all the necessary shots, and eventually began the painful process of removing her scabbed, dead skin.


Eventually with time, Alice became more relaxed at the shelter and more cooperative with the workers. As her health began to improve and her fur began to grow back, her sweet, loving personality began to emerge. 


After a few months staying at the shelter, Alice’s fur was almost completely filled in and she was looking and feeling better than ever!


Animal Aid Unlimited now hopes to be able to adopt out the cute pooch to a stable, loving family very soon. After all she’s been through, Alice certainly deserves it!