“Tension Rising” On “Shades Of Blue” Set?

“Tension” is not “rising” between Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta, despite a new report that tries to be as dramatic as their NBC show “Shades of Blue.” Gossip Cop can bust the claim, which comes from one of the gossip rags.

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According to the new issue of the National Enquirer, Lopez is “showing big-grrrl cajonesbehind the scenes” of the series, and has “triggered a case of blue balls for [her] manly co-star,” because she’s “showing him who’s wearing the pants on their TV show — HER!!” The supermarket tabloid goes on to claim that “tension’s rising” because “macho Ray — a highly acclaimed, award-winning MOVIE star — gets visibly tight jaws over J.Lo’s frequent last-minute script rewrites that always ensure SHE gets the best lines!”

A so-called “spy” further alleges to the outlet, “Ray just won’t accept that Jennifer’s not only the star of the show, she’s also its PRODUCER! She calls the shots — and what she says goes! Ray’s brooding, sulking a lot in his dressing room because he hates that his dialogue’s messed with, while Jennifer’s gets expanded. But Macho Guy’s just gotta get over it — because they’ve got a HIT!”

Ugh, where to begin? First off, was it really necessary for this piece to be not only sexist and misogynistic, but also include sexual innuendos that really have nothing to do with anything? Oh, right, this is the National Enquirer, which prides sensationalism over accuracy.

Liotta is NOT upset about the show’s dialogue. As the magazine even alluded to, he’s a total pro in this business, which means he understands the power that sometimes comes with Lopez being the executive producer. But the idea that she’s stealing the “best lines” from him is ridiculous considering they play characters with very different personalities and agendas, so their dialogue isn’t exactly interchangeable.

Lastly, Liotta himself said in an interview last month that while he feared Lopez would be controlling, he was happy to discover that wasn’t the case. “I met Jen and she was open. Not like, ‘This is my show.’ None of that from her,” he said, as Gossip Cop reported. He further joked, “If anything, Jen was a cool chick on the set and I was the diva!”

How amazing that the National Enquirer has such a different version of events, and is theonly outlet spreading such allegations. And by the way, “Shades of Blue” wrapped filming back in November. So in sum: This tale of current on-set drama is totally FALSE!

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