Star Trek: TNG vs. Aliens in new comic crossover

Releasing April 2017.

Dark Horse Comics and IDW Publishing have announced a new comic series that will see the crew of Star Trek: The Next Generationcrossing paths with the world of Aliens.

This new crossover comic series, subtitled Acceptable Losses, will release in April of next year. Scott and David Tipton are on board to write, with J.K. Woodward handling the art.

As noted by The Hollywood Reporter, this isn’t the first time, the Tiptons and Woodward have teamed up to create a Star Trek crossover, as the three previously worked together on the mini-series Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who: Assimiliaton2, which released in 2012.

Next year also brings with it a brand-new series for Trek fans, with the debut of Star Trek: Discovery. While the show was originally going to premiere in January, it was recently pushed to May. Additionally, Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller is reportedly no longer attached as showrunner.