Stannis Baratheon actor did not enjoy his time on GoT

Stannis Baratheon Actor Did Not Enjoy His Time on GoT

“I felt I’d built the castle on non-existent foundations.”

Stannis Baratheon actor Stephen Dillane did not enjoy his time on Game of Thrones.

In an interview with The Times (via io9), Dillane revealed he did not understand much of the story and said he wasn’t too thrilled about his performance as Stannis. “I’ve flicked it on [since leaving] to see if I could figure out what was going on, but I couldn’t,” Dillane said.

The actor had to rely on his co-star Liam Cunningham, who plays Stannis’ right-hand man Ser Davos Seaworth, to help him grasp Game of Thrones’ complex story and provide some much-need context.

“Liam Cunningham is so passionate about the show,” Dillane said. “He invests in it in a way I think is quite moving, but it wasn’t my experience. I was entirely dependent on Liam to tell me what the scenes were about — I didn’t know what I was doing until we’d finished filming and it was too late.”

Dillane found himself quite “disheartened” by the end of his four seasons as Stannis. “The damage had been done,” he said. “I thought no one would believe in me and I was rather disheartened by the end. I felt I’d built the castle on non-existent foundations.”

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