Sixth mass grave found in city controlled by ISIS

Officials have discovered the sixth mass grave in or near the town of Sinjar, Iraq, after Turkish forces recaptured the city from the Islamic State earlier this month.

The grave was rigged with a bomb and is believed to hold the remains of more than 120 people.

The Islamic State originally took control of Sinjar in August of 2014 and carried out massacres and brutal acts. The attacks were targeted toward the Yazidi minority that makes up most of the town’s inhabitants. The Islamic state considers the Yazidi’s faith heretical.

A combination of United States airstrikes and Turkish ground forces allowed many Yazidis to flee during the initial attacks, but the Islamic state was able to maintain control of the city for more than a year.

A United Nations panel concluded in March of 2015 that the Islamic State “may have committed” genocide against the Yazidis.

Another mass grave of about 80 murdered women was found near Sinjar earlier this month. Officials fear this discovery may not be the last.