Restaurant robbed two nights in a row

Restaurant reportedly hit by thieves two nights in a row

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — A woman trying to open a restaurant in Midtown said she’s now been a victim of crime two nights in a row.

Al-Rayan’s doors were locked and the lights were off Tuesday.

The Middle Eastern restaurant now sits empty on Cleveland near Poplar.

A new owner recently took over the place and remodeled it and planned to reopen next week, but those plans quickly changed.

“I feel so bad. I just started,” said the new owner.

She was too afraid to show her face on camera because she isn’t certain who is targeting her.

On Sunday, thieves reportedly kicked in the back door and got away with some cooking equipment. She called the police and then changed her locks.

“The next day, the front door is good, but the back door was messed up,” she told WREG.

Just like that, police were back. The owner told officers the crooks broke in through the back door again, and this time they took those two sandwich makers, a cash register, a buffet warmer and a fryer.

The total loss: $8,000, according to the owner.

“I feel so bad. You know, when you start something to improve yourself, you feel bad,” she said.

She couldn’t wait to finally run her own restaurant. Now, those dreams have been pout on hold until she can find the money to buy new equipment.

“I hope it’s going to be alright in the future,” she said.