Reporter quits journalism over threat on her life

Heidi Hemmat says her boss at Denver’s KDVR didn’t take it seriously

Heidi Hemmat   (Heidi Hemmat Productions)

(NEWSER) – A TV reporter in Denver, Colo., has quit journalism after she says her life was threatened by the subject of one of her stories and her bosses failed to take it seriously, Mediaite reports. Heidi Hemmat was an award-winning investigative journalist with a focus on business fraud for KDVR. In February 2015, her investigation led to fraud charges against a local business owner. According to Raw Story, Muhammed Murib of AAAA TV Electronics Repair and Vacuum started harassing and threatening Hemmat. Then it got worse. In a blog post revealing what happened, Hemmat says she got a call from Murib’s therapist—under an exception to HIPAA laws that allows health providers to violate patient privacy when the patient “presents a serious and imminent threat of harm.” The therapist said Murib was “homicidal” and planned to kill her.

Hemmat says her boss at KDVR balked at the cost of providing security for her, saying, “If he was going to kill you, he would have done it by now.” Hemmat took out restraining orders against Murib, who was required to wear an ankle monitor. “But my sense of safety was gone—and the way I viewed my job forever changed,” Hemmat writes. “I couldn’t keep ambushing people who did bad things to other people…My physical and mental health were unraveling.” Meanwhile, Hemmat says her boss treated her like she was “overreacting” and characterized Murib’s actions as a “temper tantrum.” Finally, Hemmat quit. But despite the end of her journalism career and fear for her own life, Hemmat says she has found a reason to be thankful in her husband and young children.