Oscar De La Hoya mulling boxing comeback

Add Oscar De La Hoya to the list of legendary boxers considering a comeback. Unlike Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and others, however, De La Hoya said his comeback would not be in an exhibition fight for charity but rather “a real fight” against “the best out there.”

Oscar De La Hoya wearing a suit and tie looking at the camera

Speaking during an exclusive interview with The Ring, De La Hoya was asked if he was considering a comeback along the lines of Tyson and others and he revealed that it was being considered. Before he does begin to enter the next stages of a potential comeback, though, he wants to see how the legendary former heavyweight champion handles his teased return first.

“I actually want to see what Tyson does first,” De La Hoya said. “I have been working out, I have been training, I have been staying in shape. Obviously, I’m not in fighting shape yet to go 12 rounds. I’m sure I could get there. We’ll see. I want to see Tyson perform, see how his reflexes are, see if he can go past three or four rounds. We’ll see and then I’ll make my decision.”

The former Olympic gold medalist said that his intention would be to return in an actual fight against an elite talent. He suggested the return would come at middleweight or light middleweight, though a fight at 154 pounds seems only to appeal to De La Hoya if he’s facing a fighter coming up from welterweight.

“I’m really considering it. It doesn’t matter,” De La Hoya said. “Anybody, anybody who is the best out there. I still have that mentality. It would be at 160. … If it’s at 154, maybe someone coming up from 147. Any top, top, top guy at 147. It doesn’t really matter.”

De La Hoya, 47, is a former world champion in six weight classes. His last fight came in December 2008 when his corner stopped the fight after eight rounds of one-sided action. He retired with a career record of 39-6 with 30 victories by way of knockout.

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