NY man admits having nearly 6K photos of child sex abuse

A New York City man pleaded guilty on Thursday to having nearly 6,000 photos of children being sexual abused as well as charges of that he had sex with a dog, the district attorney’s office said.

Queens Acting District Attorney John M. Ryan says 31-year-old Vishal Lalbeharry of Jamaica, Queens, downloaded the “horrid collection” of photos and videos of children as young as 6 months old to 10 years old being molested by adults, both men and women.

“The images accumulated by this defendant contained some of the most heinous abuse imaginable. It can not be stressed enough – pictures and videos of children being sexually abused are crime scene images and the youngsters are crime victims,” Ryan said in a statement.

Among four computer laptops, four cell phones and five hard drives seized from Lalbeharry’s bedroom on 95th Avenue were 16 videos of Lalbeharry having sex with a canine, according to district attorney’s office.

Detectives tracked down Lalbeharry by tracing back IP addresses of computers used to share the sexual content online, according the charges.

The investigative software showed the address having downloaded 1,150 files containing images of children in March 2018. Between March and April, Lalbeharry’s computer downloaded as many as 10,240 of such files. 

When he was arrested, Lalbeharry told authorities that no one lese had used his computer, the DA said.

Lalbeharry is set to be sentenced on Dec. 11 and he faces two years in prison, followed by a three-year post release supervision, as well as a lifetime on the sex offender registry.