NFL’s reigning MVP suffers scary-looking knee injury

DENVER — The Kansas City Chiefs decided to run a quarterback sneak with their already banged-up quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who was MVP of the league last season.

It didn’t turn out well. And the face of the franchise — and one of the biggest stars in the league — left with a bad looking injury.

Mahomes got the first down but stayed down on the turf. Chiefs players waved for the medical staff to come out. The cart was on its way out when Mahomes got to his feet. He walked off the field, with help, and then walked to the locker room.

The Chiefs’ medical staff seemed to be putting his knee back in place after they reached him.

Mahomes got a nice hand from the Broncos crowd when he got to his feet, and multiple Broncos players went over to wish him well. The Chiefs ruled him out for the game a few minutes after he left the field.

It appeared Mahomes suffered a dislocated kneecap. If that is the case, there are a couple examples of quarterbacks returning fairly quickly from that injury. In 2008, when Mark Sanchez was at USC, he dislocated his kneecap in practice on Aug. 8. He started USC’s opener on Aug. 30. When Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was a rookie in 2009, he suffered a dislocated kneecap in a game. He missed two more games.

A dislocated kneecap can also require surgery. The extent of Mahomes’ injury likely won’t be known until more tests are done.

Mahomes has injured his ankle on multiple occasions this season, the first time coming back in the season opener. He hasn’t yet missed a game with those injuries, though his play has been affected the past couple weeks as he limped around.

Matt Moore took over for Mahomes after the injury. The biggest concern wasn’t for the rest of the game, but if the Chiefs had lost their phenomenal quarterback for a long time.

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