Mom finds startling reason behind her baby’s condition

As wonderful as modern medicine is, doctors aren’t magicians, and sometimes they come across illnesses that they don’t fully understand or know how to treat. When that happens, patients are pretty much on their own, and that can be a desperate feeling.

Stephanie Smith’s infant son Isaiah had a skin condition that doctors initially insisted was eczema. After all their treatments failed, the doctors had no answers for her, so she took things into her own hands…

When Stephanie Smith’s son Isaiah was three months old, his skin broke out in a very bad rash that progressively got worse. Eventually, his skin was ruptured, bleeding, and leaking an oily discharge.


His pediatrician and several dermatologists insisted that he had a bad case of eczema and prescribed him topical steroid treatments. They would help at first, but then his sores would come back with a vengeance, requiring even more powerful ointments.


This cycle continued for weeks, and Isaiah’s doctors were at a loss as to why he responded this way to the treatments. Eventually, the poor baby’s hair began to fall out, and he was in pain nearly constantly.


At five months old, Isaiah broke out in his worst rash yet, and he had to be hospitalized. He received an aggressive steroid treatment, and the sores went away, but two days after he was discharged, they came right back. Stephanie was at her wit’s end.


She began isolating herself and Isaiah from others to reduce his exposure to skin irritants and stave off infections. Stephanie had to wrap his hands in bandages so he wouldn’t scratch and pick at his sores, and he would cry incessantly except when he laid in cool water in the sink. Stephanie spent hours beside him there…


Stephanie could barely touch her own son, let alone hug him like she wanted to. “It was like he had no skin,” she recalled. “Every time when our skin came in contact it would break open and would start discharging like crazy. I couldn’t even put my cheek against his.”


Doctors finally admitted that they didn’t know of any other ways to help her son, which left Stephanie distraught. In her frustration, she turned to the internet for answers and was shocked to find many others with conditions similar to Isaiah’s.


She learned that his steroid treatments may not have been helping him at all. Some people experience extreme steroid withdrawal, which makes their ailments worse when the treatment ceases. So she she stopped using his prescribed steroid cream and started using homemade lotions and ointments.


She quickly discovered that a lemon grass and zinc treatment cleared up his rash, and ten months after ending his steroid treatment, Isaiah’s skin was completely free of sores and inflammation. He’s now a happy, healthy two-year-old, and Stephanie shares their story to help inform others who might have a similar condition!


It must be terrifying to be told by doctors that they don’t know what’s really wrong or how to fix it. Thank goodness Stephanie was tenacious enough to figure something out!