Michal Muszynski – Revolutionary hair loss treatment in Chicago

The name “Magic Mike” has a different meaning to those suffering from hair loss. “Magic Mike” Muszynski is renowned as one of the best Scalp Micropigmentation practitioners in the industry. In case you haven’t heard of Scalp Micropigmentation, it’s a cutting-edge form of hair-loss treatment that blows all other options out of the water, and Hairline Ink’s “Magic Mike” Muszynski is this industry’s McConaughey.

One of the best things about the practitioners at Hairline Ink is that they are all normal guys like you or I.  Mike is super cool and down to earth. His confidence in his work makes you really believe in him. Mike says that at his roots, he is an artist, and that he “treats every client like his Mona Lisa.” You can really see and feel his attention to detail while he is working and even beforehand when he is just explaining the procedure. You can tell he has mastered his craft and is truly dedicated to his art. As a client of Mike’s, you truly feel that he takes his work very seriously and can feel his genuine desire to help his clients. He exudes confidence on both a personal and professional level that really puts your mind at ease and makes you feel like you are in the best possible hands.

Mike grew up in Poland as a student of the arts, beginning with painting, drawing, and sculpting. Eventually, Mike came over to the US and got his bachelor’s degree in fine arts, where he studied fashion, logo design, and general graphic design techniques. Inevitably, as an adult he discovered his talent for tattoo artistry, specifically “dot work,” or “stippling,” which directly lead him to find his calling as a Scalp Micropigmentation artist at Hairline Ink.

Mike isn’t just a Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioner, but also a recipient. He credits much of his success as a practitioner of Scalp Micropigmentation to his own struggles with hair loss that he began facing at a young age. Upon receiving his own Scalp Micropigmentation treatment, the profound effect it had lead him to dedicate his life toward helping others the same way he was helped — by a skilled practitioner. The powerful feeling he felt when he looked in the mirror after his first treatment inspired him to pass that gift to those of us who share his struggle.

Having discovered his calling, Mike traveled to the UK to train under world renowned practitioners Paul Clark and Simon Lane. He continued his training in LA and went on to become the skilled practitioner he is today.

Mike’s desire to pass on what he considered to be a life-changing-gift has driven him to help thousands of people just like him to restore their confidence and improve their quality of life. Now, over 2,500 people, many of which flew across country, have come to Mike for his personalized, innovative touch and to experience the deft hands that have granted him the title of “Magic Mike” Muszynski. With only elite practitioners like Mike on staff, it’s easy to see why Hairline Ink has quickly become the leaders of the Scalp Micropigmentation Industry.


Read Mikes full Bio here: http://www.hairlineink.com/about-hairline-ink/michal-muszynski/