Michael B. Jordan is dating this star’s daughter

In the celebrity world, dating someone is one thing, but making the relationship public for the world to see takes things to another level. Celebrities can reveal a new relationship in a whole host of ways—on the red carpet, in an interview, or just keep it simple and share the news on social media. That’s exactly how Michael B. Jordan revealed he’s dating Lori Harvey. If that last name sounds familiar, it’s because the model is the daughter of TV host Steve Harvey.

On Sunday, Jan. 10, Jordan posted two darkly lit images of himself and Harvey standing close together and gazing at each other. The 33-year-old actor tagged Harvey’s account, but went without a caption, letting the photos speak for themselves. Harvey, who’s 24, also posted photos of herself with Jordan from the same shoot on her own account on the same day.

This isn’t the first the world has heard about Harvey and Jordan. Around Thanksgiving, TMZ shared photos of the pair arriving in Atlanta, where Harvey lives. Then, at the end of the year, The Sun published pictures of Harvey and Jordan getting off of a plane in Salt Lake City.

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