Mets star fractures ankle in accident at his ranch

NEW YORK — You can’t make this stuff up.

In a stunner — even for the New York Mets — GM Brodie Van Wagenen revealed Monday that outfielder Yoenis Cespedes sustained multiple fractures in his right ankle during a non-baseball related accident on his Florida ranch.

Cespedes did not suffer the injury on a horse, Van Wagenen said — seriously.

“He had a violent fall in which he stepped in a hole and put his leg and foot in a difficult position,” said Van Wagenen, Cespedes’ former agent.

Asked about the validity of the incident — with details still very vague at this juncture — Van Wagenen replied: “That’s what he told us. I’m not suggesting that we do or do not have the story. He told us very clearly what happened and we made immediate action steps to try to get him up here.

“I went there yesterday and that’s why I was not with the team yesterday. I wanted to make sure the player was OK.”

The 33-year-old Cespedes has not played yet this season as he was progressing in his rehab after having heel surgery.

“He was making progress as many of you saw in Miami,” Van Wagenen said. “He was a number of thresholds away from being able to return to activity. It’s hard to speculate what this means going forward.”

Cespedes has two years and $58.5 million left on his contract, but sources declined to discuss whether the team plans to try and void the remainder of the deal.

“We haven’t even thought about implications to the contract,” Van Wagenen said. “Our focus now is on the player’s health and trying to get the right answers about the procedures that need to be done, if any, and what the prognosis will be coming out of this.”

The Mets received the wild news on Saturday night. Cespedes is currently being evaluated in New York at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

“Our focus currently is to try to get him the best medical care, and then hopefully get a better idea of what this means for his future both in 2019 and beyond,” Van Wagenen said.

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