Marcus Morris ejected for slamming ball on opponent’s head

Marcus Morris did a very Marcus Morris thing.

The new New York Knick got ejected in his first game wearing orange and blue for less-than-sportsmanlike conduct against the Washington Wizards.

During the third quarter of Monday’s preseason game, Wizards forward Justin Anderson was closely guarding Morris in a halfcourt set.

Morris bounces ball off Anderson’s head

Morris tried to clear some space with a wild swing of his elbows, but Anderson stood his ground. When Anderson didn’t back off, Morris bounced the ball off Anderson’s head, leading to a minor scuffle among the players on the court.

Morris was ejected for his efforts that earned a flagrant 2 foul.

“We’re not taking no s—’

Morris told reporters after the game that he wouldn’t have done it had it been a regular season game. But since an ejection doesn’t mean much during the preseason, he wanted to deliver a message.

“If it was the regular season, I wouldn’t have done it,” Morris said. “My team needs me, I’ve got to be smarter and set a better example. But like I said in the beginning, we’re not taking no s—. It is what it is.”

Knicks fans won’t have much to look forward to at Madison Square Garden this season. But at least Morris will be there to keep things entertaining.

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