Chris Lopez is making a name for himself /w scalp micropigmentation

If you saw Chris Lopez walking down the street, he might think he looks like a really cool, down-to-earth, normal guy. Of course you would be absolutely correct, but on top of all that, he is also a miracle worker- a veritable saint- to those of us struggling with or suffering from hair loss. Chris works his magic via a remarkable, advanced hair loss treatment called Scalp Micropigmentation that has already improved thousands upon thousands of lives and continues to each and every day. The process of Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is very similar to that of a tattoo, but using an array of much more specialized needles to inject pigmentation into the scalp in carefully calculated patterns that seamlessly mimic the look and spread of a full, natural head of hair. When performed by a skilled practitioner such as Chris, the results are astounding.

Mr. Lopez is one of many skilled practitioners over at the Scalp Micropigmentation industry-leading group, Hairline Ink. Hairline Ink was formed with the intent of being the leaders in the scalp micropigmentation industry, which is why they sought out the best practitioners in the country to join their team. Their claim of only hiring the absolute best practitioners with proven track records of success means that with their most recent recruit, Chris Lopez, the bar has been set even higher. Chris, like his fellow practitioners, struggled with hair loss in his early life only to eventually stumble upon Scalp Micropigmentation. He was so moved by the effect it had on his daily life that he decided he wanted to share that feeling with as many people as he possibly could.

Chris says he wishes that he found Scalp Micropigmentation sooner, because after a botched hair transplant and many other unsuccessful treatments, he had become disheartened and believed he was doomed to suffer at the hands of his hair loss forever. Now others suffering from hair loss can live vicariously through Chris and avoid all the worthless treatments and procedures they would have tried before finding Scalp Micropigmentation. As someone who has jumped through all sorts of hoops to get his hair where he wanted it to be, Chris understands the struggles that those of us suffering from hair loss face each and every day. He has made it his life’s mission to spread the positive results he received from Scalp Micropigmentation to as many people like him as he can.

Driven by a passion for art and a strong desire to help people, Chris puts his all into his work, as he derives much of his self worth from his ability to help others in need. With each successful treatment he provides, Chris says he feels like a million-dollar-man. He states that he is humbled to work in such a powerfully transformative field and considers himself blessed to be able to help people every single day. Chris’s cool and approachable nature, as well as his undeniable skill as a scalp micropigmentation artist, make him the perfect addition for Hairline Ink to continue to boast their practice of hiring only the best practitioners. See for yourself how an appointment with Chris at Hairline Ink could change your life for the better.

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