Geoff Johns’ last issue of Justice League will be Issue #50, which will wrap up the Darkseid War that has been raging since Issue #40. Current Justice League artist Jason Fabok will also be departing the book.

Johns told CBR that he wanted to leave the book with Fabok on a high note so that he could focus on writing DC Universe: Rebirth #1, an 80-page one-shot issue that will set the tone for the DC Comics line going forward. Rebirth will be illustrated by artists Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank and Phil Jimenez.

Johns has been on Justice League since 2011, then drawn by artist Jim Lee, where it was the flagship book of the New 52. During his run, he teased a follow up to the Aquaman-centric storyline “Throne of Atlantis” that would be called “Rise of the Seven Seas,” a story that fans have ceaselessly asked him about, so it remains a question as to whether he’ll find a way to tell that story in some form despite not being on the book anymore.

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