Forte Confirms MacGruber Sequel

“The writing hath begun!!!”

A sequel to the MacGyver film parody MacGruber is now moving forward, as work on the script for MacGruber 2 has begun.

Will Forte, who starred in the original 2010 movie, is re-teaming with director Jorma Taccone to pen the script. Taccone shared the news in a post onTwitter, saying, “The writing hath begun!!!”


In a subsequent post, Taccone reaffirmed this is “no joke” by sharing a photo of the “super duper rough” script from 10 days ago.


via Jorma Taccone on Twitter

MacGruber was originally a series of MacGyver parody segments that aired during Saturday Night Live. Taccone and Forte created the segments, before turning it into a full-length feature film that starred Forte, alongside Ryan Phillippe, Kristen Wiig, Val Kilmer and several others.