Floyd Mayweather’s New Year’s Eve fight is back on


Floyd Mayweather’s New Year’s Eve fight is back on

Re-circle New Year’s Eve on your calendar. Floyd Mayweather told TMZ Sportsthat his fight in Tokyo against Tenshin Nasukawa is back on.

Mayweather, 41, announced in September a ‘huge boxing event’ in the city and made it official Nov. 4, announcing a ‘super bout challenge’ against 20-year-old Japanese kickboxing sensation Nasukawa.

He backed out three days later, saying he’d been conned, and is now insisting a mere week later “we’re going to make it happen.”

In calling the fight off, Mayweather said he was misled by fight promoters. He did the pres conference announcing it because he was blindsided and didn’t want to “create a disturbance.”

In his Insagram post he wrote that he was initially asked to participate in an exhibition against a selected opponent for a group of wealthy spectators for a “very large fee.”

Mayweather told TMZ Sports this week that the money is keeping him in the fight.

“It’s a no-brainer. Just because I’m retired from boxing,” Mayweather said. “I still make appearances worldwide and make a ton of money.”

Boxing, kickboxing or MMA?

The two fighters are each undefeated in their respective sports. Mayweather is 50-0 with 21 knockouts as a boxer. Tenshin is 27-0 with 21 knockouts as a kickboxer.

Mayweather gave some details on the fight to TMZ:

“Rules? It’s gonna be a little boxing exhibition. No kicking,” Floyd told us … “I’m moving around with the guy for 9 minutes, and of course it’s gonna be the highest paid exhibition ever.”