Flight attendant facing charges for drunkenly passing out on plane

The sole flight attendant on a United plane traveling from Chicago to South Bend, Indiana was caught being drunk while on duty. 

“She was stumbling, and kind of staggering back and forth, bumping into passengers — she was zig zagging up and down the aisle,” said Aaron Scherb who was on the flight.

Travelers watched in disbelief as Julianne March slurred her way through most of the standard safety regulations, only for her to then slump over in her seat and pass out for what would end up being the entire duration of the trip.

passenger even had to get up and fasten March’s seatbelt before takeoff, worried she would fall over and out of her seat. 

The pilot noticed something was wrong during the flight when March didn’t answer any of her calls. Passengers were concerned over the lack of communication between pilot and March, and wondered why there was only one attendant assigned to the flight.

Upon landing in South Bend, local police boarded the plane and arrested March, who started crying. When asked what city she was currently in, March replied with: “Chicago.”

Her blood-alcohol level was 0.204, which is five times the legal limit for flight attendants.

This is the fifth case of drunk U.S. airline employees getting caught just this year. Last week, two United Airlines pilots were charged after failing an alcohol test before their flight from Scotland to Newark, New Jersey.

March was charged with criminal public intoxication, a misdemeanor, and Wisconsin Air — who was operating the United Flight — released a statement confirming she had been fired.