Drunk man knocked out in pool for 7 hours

A drunk Filipino man impressed the Twitterverse last Saturday when he was caught knocked out in a pool during a family outing, Coconuts Manila reports.  

Iris Vicencio documented her cousin’s daring nap on the social media platform in both English and Tagolog, to the delight of other users. 

“We’re on a family outing and there was no space on the bed, so my drunk cousin put on his trunks and said ‘I will just sleep in the swimming pool,’” she posted with a photo of her cousin, Seth Gabriel Ricafort, floating in the water. “I thought it was just a joke, [but] [expletive] he was serious.”

It turns out that Ricarfort was, in fact, really drunk — and tired — during their stay at the King Leonard Island Resort in the Philippines’ Bulacan province. In a follow-up tweet, Vicencio said her sister checked in on him 20 minutes later and still found him at the pool. 

“I really thought he was [expletive] with me so I went in the room and MY SISTER WENT OUT [and] 20 MINUTES LATER HE’S STILL THERE SLEEPING AND FLOATING OH MY GOD AHAHHSHSHDHDH HELP THIS BOY,” she wrote.

As of Friday, Vicencio’s first tweet has been liked 40,000 times and shared nearly 7,000 times. 

In an interview with Coconuts via Twitter, Ricafort said he went to sleep in the pool around 11:45 p.m. local time. 

“I woke up at 3am because there were noisy people playing volleyball in the pool, and then I slept again,” he explained. 

The sleep, Ricafort said, was incredibly comfortable. 

“If you would look at the picture, my head was always above the water. [The water] didn’t go inside my ears or nose,” he pointed out. “And I never thought sleeping while floating on water was this relaxing HAHA.”