Couple jailed for rape, torture and selling of their 9 year old son

Couple jailed for rape, torture and selling of their 9-Year-Old Son

Business Insider reports that a woman and her boyfriend have been convicted for the repeated rape of the woman’s young son and for selling him for sex over the internet. Deutsche Welle reported the German couple was accused of allowing multiple men they found on the dark net to rape and abuse the boy. This in exchange for thousands of euros over the period of two years. The dark net is an anonymous part of the internet that cannot be found with mainstream search engines. They were also charged with more than 60 acts done toward the boy. The acts included extreme humiliation, physical bondage and rape. Some of the abuse was filmed. Footage showing the boy tied up and verbally abused. On Tuesday, a court in Freiburg, southwest Germany, found the pair guilty of rape, aggravated sexual assault of children, forced prostitution, and distribution of child pornography. The boy, now 10, was nine years old when the trial began in June.