Cooking show star admits to sex with friend’s teenage son

Cooking show star admits in court to sex with friend’s teenage son

The 37-year-old winner of a British cooking show admitted in court on Tuesday that she had sex with her friend’s 15-year-old son.

Lucy Haughey, a mom of three who won an episode of “Come Dine with Me” earlier this year, flippantly discussed the illicit relationship online with a friend.

“He wanted introducing, I’m an expert, it happened,” Haughey told the friend. She said she was “glad” that the boy had sex with her instead of with a “skinny, skanky 15-year-old.”

Photo: Lucy Haughey on “Come Dine with Me” (Channel 4)

Haughey asked her friend to delete the conversation, but the friend instead alerted the boy’s mother — who was a good personal friend of Haughey. They regularly spent time together.

“She can’t ever know,” Haughey had told the friend with whom she was conversing online.

Although Haughey’s sentencing has been deferred, she has been placed on the sex offender registry.