College football player accused of abusing dog

Missouri State University has suspended quarterback Breck Ruddick indefinitely after he was accused of animal abuse in a Facebook post.

A fellow student claimed that Ruddick beat his friend’s 42-pound Australian shepherd, Luca. The university’s Office of Student Conduct is investigating.

Just hours after the Facebook post surfaced, Ruddick was suspended for “conduct detrimental to the team,” and he won’t return “until the situation is resolved.”

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This is not my dog, but this story deserves to be heard. Earlier this week one of my close friends left her adorable sweet loving dog with Breck Ruddick. This was someone she trusted, this was a guy who has watched her dog before and who she has spent a good amount of time with as friends. She never thought leaving her 42 pound Australian Shepherd with Breck, a 200+ pound MSU football player, would lead to this. Never once did she, nor anyone else for that matter, believe that Breck could get so upset with this sweet dog that he would hit him in the jaw, not just once but three times. After “loosing his cool” and hitting poor Luca he led him outside and let him run off, all alone and bleeding profusely. Breck told Katie that “Luca had ran off” leaving out the part about him beating the crap out of Luca. She spent the whole night looking for her dog. The next day a girl saw Katie’s post on Facebook and explained that she had found Luca in a parking lot covered in blood. The girl was nice enough to take him home and attempted to clean him up. When he was returned to Katie, the next day, he was STILL bleeding. He was then rushed over to the vet where they found that his jaw had been broken and he would need surgery. The next day Luca went in for surgery where it was found that his jaw bones were shattered (not just broken), he had to have 6 teeth pulled, which will be permanently gone forever and they had to keep him at the vets for two days instead of one. He can no longer eat solid food and will have to be on an oatmeal based diet. That’s when the vet explained to Katie that Luca had to have been hit more than once, with literally all of Breck’s force or with some other object, because the trauma was so extensive it could not have been from one single punch.

This story makes me sick to my stomach, I love my own dog more than anything in the world and I can’t even imagine what Katie is going through. No animal deserves to be treated this way, and no human should be capable of hurting a defenseless animal to this extent. Breck was careless and insensitive. He needs help and his actions need to be accounted for. The pictures below show how much pain Luca has went through and how his life will be forever altered by one heartless person. Please pray for this sweet dog and his owner.

Since then, an online petition to remove Ruddick from the Missouri State football team has reached nearly 50,000 signatures. Once the Office of Student Conduct reaches a conclusion, they will turn the findings over to the athletic department for discipline.

“It’s obviously very serious,” athletic director Kyle Moats said in a statement. “Not only athletics, but the entire university takes it very seriously. That’s why there will be an internal investigation conducted by our Student Conduct office. We’ll take it from there once we find out what the findings are.”