Coach accused of stealing underwear from female players

Skyler N. Yee, the now-former volunteer women’s volleyball coach at the University of Kansas, has been arrested after police found in his home dozens of pairs of underwear and other items reported stolen from the homes of the Kansas women he coached.

The Lawrence Journal-World reported that police had linked Yee, 23, to a series of break-ins at the homes of players on the volleyball team. They searched his home after obtaining a warrant, and found a well-organized trove of stolen belongings. Here’s what police discovered in Yee’s closet, via the Lawrence Journal-World:

• A roughly 40-drawer clear plastic storage container, a number of drawers labeled with names of current and former KU volleyball players and one player with the Lawrence Landsharks under-18 volleyball league. Each drawer with a name on it had underwear inside.

• Six plastic, stackable containers, each containing “several” pairs of women’s underwear.

• An ottoman and bags containing pink high heels, boots, a sundress and a jumpsuit that the victims reported had been taken from their homes. Also recovered were more underwear, bras, Halloween costumes, jewelry and sex toys “from unidentified owners.”

Yee had allegedly been stealing items for over a year, with the latest break-in happening as recently as January 2019. He was arrested on Monday, and on Wednesday was charged with 15 counts of theft, burglary, and property damage. Four of those charges are felonies. He’s currently free on bond and is due back in court on Feb. 26.

Yee had been the volunteer women’s volleyball coach for the University of Kansas since 2016, and the team manager since 2013. He resigned in mid-January. KU Athletics spokesman Jim Marchiony wouldn’t give any additional information about Yee or the case to the Journal-World, but he did say that the school had “taken precautions to ensure that [Yee] is not permitted to be anywhere near the volleyball program.”

As a condition of Yee’s bond, he’s not allowed to contact any current or former KU women’s volleyball players.

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