Brothers undergo a strange change after the sun sets

Dealing with a difficult medical condition can feel impossible to cope with; when that illness involves paralysis, it leads to even more challenges to overcome.

Two young Pakistani boys suffer from a medical condition that defies explanation. At night, these two average and healthy kids become totally paralyzed, and doctors have no idea why.

Abdul Rasheed and Shoaib Ahmed are brothers who live with their family in Pakistan. At first glance, the 9- and 13-year-old boys look like average children, but they suffer from an inexplicable medical condition that couldn’t make this further from the truth.


YouTube / Barcroft TV

The brothers are quite active during the day, but at night, they slip into a vegetative state that leaves them utterly paralyzed—unable to talk, eat, or move at all.


The boys’ father have taken them to numerous doctors, and they’ve undergone over 300 clinical tests to determine a cause of their evening lethargy, but their condition seems to defy medical explanation.

At his wit’s end, the boys’ father has turned to religion for help. He believes they are in the grips of black magic, and so takes the boys to spiritual healers in a desperate attempt to cleanse them of their illness; still, this approach yields no improvement.


Doctors agree this is not black magic, but more likely a genetic condition; Abdul Rasheed and Shoaib Ahmed’s parents are first cousins and two of their six children died at an early age.


Their father calls them the “solar kids” because he believes they get their energy from the sun, and by evening have nothing left to function. This theory has been disproven, however, because the boys have no trouble during the day in a dark room, during a rainstorm, or shaded areas outdoors.

Sadly, there is no medical treatment for the boys’ condition, and the family continues their search for answers.


see more about the paralyzed brothers’ curious condition in the video below.