Bride of Frankenstein redo about female liberation

“I hope it gets going soon because I think it’d make for a great movie.”

Bride of Frankenstein writer David Koepp says the Universal monster saga film will be “a tale of liberation.”

Speaking with Collider, Koepp touched on the female perspective of the Bride of Frankenstein reboot. “It’s one of my favorite scripts I’ve written in years because if you reimagine the Frankenstein story, it gets into so many issues of men trying to feel dominant over women,” he said.

“To create someone who then says, ‘You don’t own me,’ it becomes a tale of liberation,” Koepp added. “… It was really fun, and I hope it gets going soon because I think it’d make for a great movie.”

There’s no timetable for Bride of Frankenstein yet. Universal reportedly wants Angelina Jolie to star and direct in the flick.

Bride of Frankenstein is one of the many movies in the works that will make up the Universal monsters shared universe. The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella, will kick things off next year.

As for how Bride of Frankenstein will fit into the monster saga, Koepp explained how the film will work with the other movies and stand alone as its own thing.

“I was in touch with the other people who were making Mummy and in touch with Universal and getting a sense of what they’re doing, because they can’t be wholly different movies, but each one is characterized by the personality of its creature,” he said. “So the stories are dictated by the creature.

“… To answer your question, we’re all from the same tree, but different kinds of fruit.”

As for Koepp, he’s keeping busy, in addition to Bride of Frankenstein. He’s also working on the Indiana Jones 5 screenplay, without the help of creator George Lucas.