Bauer throws ball over fence after getting pulled from game

Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona may just want to send out a drone the next time he’s forced to pull Trevor Bauer from a game. It’ll definitely make it easier to get the ball back.

In the latest of questionable — if not downright childish — antics from the 28-year-old hurler, Bauer lost his cool on the mound after giving up a go-ahead, two-run single in Kansas City and flung the ball in anger twice across the field.

The first went behind the plate. The second went over the fence in center field.

So, um Bauer is really reaaaaaally unhappy. Holy cow. �— FOX Sports Kansas City (@FSKansasCity) July 28, 2019

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Special shoutout to Mike Freeman with the epic flinch.

Anyways, Francona eventually made it to the mound with some choice words for his pitcher, who is most certainly in time out now.

“What the f— is wrong with you?”— Grant Spears (@SpearsGrantM) July 28, 2019

Bauer’s final line on the day: 4 1/3 innings, nine hits, seven earned runs, six strikeouts and four walks. He also apologized after the game.

Trevor Bauer opened with an apology before taking any questions after throwing a ball over the center-field wall out of frustration in today’s game:— Mandy Bell (@MandyBell02) July 28, 2019

Major League Baseball is going to want to take a look at Bauer’s throw despite the apology. If not to assess any potential punishment, then to at least discuss whether it needs to implement an “own goal” rule. Should the other team get a run if you throw the ball over the fence?

As far as the rest of the league is concerned, Bauer’s name has been prominently mentioned on the trade market. The Indians may need to go ahead and lower that asking price now.

This post will be updated as soon as Statcast information on Bauer’s throw becomes available.

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