Bald John Travolta shows dance moves in music video

John Travolta is looking dapper on the dance floor.

The actor has a very unexpected starring role in Pitbull’s new music video, “3 to Tango,” which features a crew of lingerie-clad female dancers showing off their moves for a shadowed man in a dark suit — Pitbull, of course. So you can imagine how high our eyebrows shot up when the bald man is revealed to be not Mr. 305, but none other than Mr. Travolta.

After Travolta pulls off his shades and joins the women onstage, he engages in a sensual salsa, proving that at 65, he’s certainly still got it.

Earlier this year, upon debuting his bald look, Travolta revealed that Pitbull had long encouraged him to fully embrace the aesthetic.

“He lives his life like this,” Travolta told Extra, calling the rapper his “good friend.” “He would send pictures of me. I have all my hair, and he’d superimpose no hair and say ‘I prefer this.’ So I thought … maybe it’s time to do it.”

And, he said, the change has eliminate some hassle out of his days: “It’s been a lot easier. Life’s simpler.”

As for Pitbull, the 38-year-old has kept his head shaved for as long as the world’s known him, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.