Australia plans to kill 2 million cats by 2020

Australia plans to kill 2 million feral cats which threaten smaller species with extinction, but that reason isn’t good enough for some animal lovers.

The government says cats are an invasive species and are responsible for the extinction of at least 27 indigenous mammals so far and threaten another 124 already-endangered species of small animals like birds and lizards.

But cat lovers are not loving this plan. Animal rights groups are obviously protesting and celebrities like Bridget Bardot and Morrissey have expressed their outrage at the plan — calling it “animal genocide”.

There are about 20 million feral cats in Australia and the government said neutering all of them wouldn’t stop their harm to other species because its estimated each cat kills 5 animals per day.

So, it seems anyone who has a problem with the plan can complain or maybe take in some of these cats and give them cat food so they stop eating other animals.

by aol