Amell Wants to be in batman beyond movie!

Robbie Amell, who plays Ronnie Raymond in The Flash, would love to star as Terry McGinnis in a live-action movie adaptation of Batman Beyond.

“I am a huge fan of that idea,” Amell said during a panel at Salt Lake Comic Con, according to DC Comics Movie (via Heroic Hollywood) when prompted by a fan’s speculative question.

“I think the problem is because they have Batman going on right now, they won’t make the Batman Beyond movie until I’m too old to be Terry McGinnis,” he added. “By then I’ll probably be the old, crusty Batman. But I’m a huge fan of that idea. I think it would be a great property.”

Robbie Amell as Firestorm on The CW's The Flash.

Robbie Amell as Firestorm on The CW’s The Flash.

With regard to what sort of direction the movie should take, Amell suggested a dark and gritty production that doesn’t require a massive budget. “I think the smartest idea for them would be to make it like a $30 million movie. Don’t do like a $200 million blockbuster, do a dark, gritty version of Batman Beyond.

“The visual effects have come so far that you don’t need $200 million to show the technology that they have. Make it a nice, grounded character piece. But I don’t run studios, so that means nothing.”