10 movie mistakes you probably didn’t realize

Bet you never realized Dorothy’s ruby slippers weren’t always ruby…

1. “The Wizard of Oz” – Dorothy’s signature ruby slippers weren’t looking so ruby at one point

When Dorothy and the Scarecrow in “The Wizard of Oz” were being attacked by apple trees, there’s a brief moment when she’s wearing black shoes instead of her usual ruby slippers.

2. “She’s All That” – a tattoo that must have been removed ASAP

Taylor gets a tattoo on her back during the movie, but later during the prom scene, it’s nowhere to be seen. Directors should have thought twice about putting her in a backless prom dress…

3. “Blade Runner” – Zhora’s after-death lipstick application

When Deckard is chasing Zhora down, she’s not wearing any lipstick. But when he shoots her – BAM – she’s wearing lipstick.

4. “Bad Boys” – a special guest appearance by the camera operator


Pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to be there – but the camera operator is in plain sight during this fight scene.

5. “Pretty Woman” – Stuckey and all his watches

When Stuckey attempts to rape Vivian, his watch flies off… but then it reappears several times throughout the scene, including behind the couch and back on his wrist.

6. “The Matrix” – the camera is reflected in the doorknob

This definitely would have been tricky to pull off, but you can see the camera clearly reflected in the doorknob.

7. “Pirates of the Caribbean” – crew member aboard the ship

The ship full of pirates had an impostor aboard – a guy just chillin’ in his straw hat.

8. “The Terminator” – the police car and its changing motto

It’s supposed to be the same police car, but in one shot it says, “to care and protect” and in another it says, “dedicated to serve.” Make up your mind, police car.

9. “Django Unchained” – Jamie Foxx’s sunglasses

The Weinstein Company – ‘Django Unchained’

Jamie Foxx’s sunglasses are awesome, and definitely “up” his 19th century look. Only thing is, sunglasses weren’t available in the US until 1929.

10. “Saw” – Lawrence’s sawed off foot suddenly reappears


Even though Lawrence just cut off his foot, you can see the outline of his real foot through this pants. Oops.

h/t: Diply